A Board, whose members are democratically elected by the members, and a Secretary General, manage EAS. Advisory members may attend the Board meetings (without voting rights). Reporting to the Board are a Programme Manager and Working Party Coordinators and Technical Officers.

The President and Board currently comprise:

  • President Andrea Anesini, Italy
  • Treasurer, Manfred Kunschitz, Austria
  • Vice-President Jean-Pierre Delmas, France
  • Vice-President, Mike Morr, Germany
  • Vice-President, Patrick Pauwels, Belgium
  • Vice-President Michel Rocca, France
  • Vice-President Julian Scarfe, United Kingdom
  • Vice-President Rietek van Luijt, The Netherlands
  • Vice-President Rodolfo Saccani, Italy
  • Vice-President Dr.-Ing Ralf Hubo, Germany
  • Honorary President Capt Wolfgang Weinreich, Germany
  • Honorary President Sir John Allison, United Kingdom
  • Honorary President David Roberts, United Kingdom
  • Secretary General Pierre Leonard, Belgium
  • Programme Manager Nils Rostedt, Finland
  • EU Policy Adviser Timo Schubert, Germany
  • Newsletter Editor Diana King, United Kingdom