U-Space and Drones

So far, most of the drone operations have been locally conducted according to the principle of segregation, namely within restricted airspaces. In other terms, drones are kept apart from other airspace users. But the rise of commercial drones for carrying parcels and passengers has led the European Commission to promote the introduction of the principle of integration, namely all the airspace users are operating in the same “open” airspace. This might have a strong impact on our activities. So, among other actions, the Board has decided to join the “We are all one in the sky” platform to speak with one united voice to the European decision-makers.

General Aviation Safety Strategy

Following a joint initiative by Europe Air Sports and IAOPA the EU has embarked on a review of regulation applicable to the light end of recreational aviation. The cornerstone of this process is the General Aviation Safety Strategy, which was endorsed by EASA in autumn 2012. Below we provide links to key documents related to this important initiative.

1. GA Safety Stratgy – original papers endorsed by EASA – click here

2. Roadmap on the implementation of the GA Strategy, a living “non paper” by the European Commission indicating possible next steps:

3. Europe Air Sports’ response to the GA Strategy (to be further discussed with the Institutions) – click here

4. Europe Air Sports’s suggestions for the GA Road Map 2.0